If you are an active and single senior, did you know that travel can help you to live longer? That is according to University of Arkansas' geriatrician and author Dr. David Lipschitz. He also stated recently that a healthy intimate relationship also helps you to extend your life.

Couple Jogging

Consider an active trip or vacation to find that new soul mate.

For active seniors who find themselves single after many years, there are some travel organizations available and travel deals that cater their programs and trips to active, single seniors.

Types of Trips

Depending on how you like to meet people, there are many options for a senior singles trip or vacation. Some people choose a specific singles vacation. Others might choose a sport or cultural vacation that is designed for seniors. If you enjoy a certain activity or subject, you may find that special someone if you go on a theme-oriented vacation.

One company, Roadscholar.org, offers both international and domestic education vacations for active seniors. Both singles and couples go on their trips.

Advantage of a Single Trip

A trip with mixed singles and couples have a problem - it is hard to know how many single and married will be on the trip. If you want to meet someone, a singles only trip is going to give you better odds. Shy people will benefit a lot from having a social director on a trip. The popular cruise line www.hollandamerica.com has a solo travelers program for singles, included many seniors.


Many active seniors in 2015 have been exercising for decades and they still do it. These sorts of active older people do not need to go on an escorted bus tour vacation - they want something more active and exciting.

There are several travel firms today that cater to the needs of active senior citizens. One of these is www.eldertreks.com, which is a place for a fit and adventurous senior to meet their soulmate. Vacationers can select between five levels of activity, but remember that even easy hikes require you to be able to walk for an hour. This organization offers both domestic and international trips.

Be sure to try some of these ideas to find a like-minded active senior friend, or more.