Having good posture as you age will keep you looking younger than just about anything else. While many people think getting a more stooped posture as we get older is inevitable, this is not the case. Much of that stooping can be prevented by avoiding osteoporosis in the upper and middle spine.

Here are some tips to keep you standing tall in your older years:

#1 Open Up Your Body!

Many people spend eight hours per day hunched over their PC. It is very important to stretch out and open up the body every 30 minutes or so. It is a good idea to stand up every half hour and stretch, stand or walk around for a few minutes.

#2 Try Simple Exercises

Every morning and evening, lie down on your floor and do slow, snow angel like motions with your arms for three minutes. This type of slow stretching can elongate your spine over time.

#3 Boost Core Strength

Yoga and pilates will increase your core strength, which refer to the muscles int he abdomen and pelvis. These muscles are central to having strong posture.

#4 Support the Spine

After women enter menopause, they may have weaker muscles in the upper back than older men do. You should try exercises that target your back extensors, neck flexors and pelvic muscles.

#5 Pump Iron

Vertebral compression fractures can reduce our height as we age and can lead to a humped back. This is caused by osteoporosis. Both men and women can largely prevent this by lifting weights, walking and climbing stairs. Those who work out regularly have higher bone density as they age.

#6 Supplement With Vitamin D

Eat foods that are high in vitamin D, including dairy  products and nuts. Also, try to get some sunshine without getting sunburn, as much of the body's vitamin D comes from the sun.