Many people tend to lose muscle mass as they get older, and this can cause health problems. Losing muscle means burning fewer calories, which can lead to weight gain and many potential health issues. So, by continuing to engage in a regular exercise program and eating muscle-building foods, we can continue to maintain our muscle mass as we age.

Four foods to build muscle include:


If you want one food to help you grow muscle, salmon is the king. It is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. These are the two key ingredients to build and repair muscle fibers. And eating salmon helps to keep hunger at bay. Salmon also is full of Vitamin D, selenium and niacin.


Eggs are full of nutrients that build muscle. You can cook them in many delicious ways, so you do not get bored with them. Each egg has eight or so grams of protein, and also omega-3 fatty acids and many vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that people who eat eggs in the morning do not overeat as much later on.


Of all the nuts in the world, the almond is the best for building muscle. It is full of protein and fiber. They help you to feel full and also repair muscles after a work out. They also have lots of healthy fats and satisfy hunger pangs. And, they can help with sore joints as well as improving memory.

Sweet Potatoes

If you are going to eat one starchy vegetable, this is the best option. They are full of Vitamin A and B, and are full of fiber. They will help you to feel full after a meal and you will eat less later in the day.

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