Staying healthy can mean a million things to someone, it could be vigorous exercise and dieting or it could be the daily, morning walk to get the day started. Being healthy doesn’t always have to mean going to the gym or dieting. Finding a hobby that is as healthy as it is fun can be a great way to stay healthy and active. Some people choose sports, but for those with disabilities or injury, something like swimming can be safer and just as beneficial.

Swimming Exercises and Activities

Swimming is a family favorite, the pool is a great place to gather around during summer events and it’s great for weak or sore bodies. By offering more freedom in movement beneath water, swimming has quickly become a favored alternative to a gym subscription or a physical therapist.

There are many exercises that can be done without the use of equipment, such as something like swimming laps. Laps around the pool is a good practice to have, it can give our bodies quite the workout without really feeling the pain or strain that most workouts give us. Water aerobics is also an option that is most commonly used in physical therapy to rebuild strength, muscles, stamina, and flexibility. These exercises are generally done with a teacher leading the class but can be done at home as well.

Equipment and Long-term Care

Exercising should never be limited to physical therapy after injuries, it should be a daily routine that we follow to keep our bodies in tip top shape. That’s why most people are beginning to buy their own equipment, in the long run it is more beneficial than a gym membership and it gives the benefit of staying at home.

A good place to start for low impact exercise is the Aqua Creek Power Wave Pool Bike, with adjustable seat and handlebars it is versatile in who can use it. It has multiple levels of resistance to accompany different physical capabilities. The ergonomic design and scratch resistant wheels make this pool bike easy to transport and a great addition to the pool.

For more high impact exercises to not only maintain, but improve health, an aquatic treadmill would be another good addition. By combining water buoyancy and steady speeds to walk, jog, or run in water, an aquatic treadmill is a great way to maintain good health. For more active, fun-seekers out there, an aquatic trampoline does a great job in combining exercise and a great time. Anyone can use it, and trust us, everyone will use it -- so get all the use out of it before they do during the next pool party.

Don’t let traditional exercises ruin what could be a fun and fulfilling experience, whether attending a water aerobics class or starting an in-home gym of your own, remember to have fun when exercising. That’s half the reason to do it!

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